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At Sugarhen we hand craft all our items from scratch, from the initial first drawings to sewing up the cushion covers, screen printing the designs by hand, to the finishing embellishments, the 'special bits' to make each piece unique.

Alot of care, love and attention go into making each item not only look good, but be of good quality, useful, well designed and long lasting, something we would want to pick up and love in our own homes.

Nestled among the heart of Yorkshire, beneath the rustling trees filled with birdsong, you can hear the cows call in the distance, while the sheep graze the purple heathery hills.

Outside the hens potter about and keep the garden slug free.  And on late nights.. work is carried out to the sound of the owls calling..

This is what we love to our core.. that essence and magic is put into every design and product that we create.

No dirty machinery, no harsh chemicals, you'll find no automated robot here.. we're a small friendly business with caring customer service..

This is low carbon footprint at its finest, fresh air and people power no matter the weather!   Enjoy :)

Off to deliver some parcels..

Always time for a tea! :)

Meet the team..

The little stove keeps us all nice and toasty on those frosty mornings, and turns out a welcome pot of tea :)

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