Hello :)


I am a freelance artist and childrens book illustrator from West Yorkshire, United kingdom.

But i work with clients from all over the world.


I am a traditional illustrator, i prefer to work with a good old fashioned pencil and paper, and together with ink and watercolours or acrylics, i create a style which is both endearing and whimsical, but still vibrant and appealing to young and old alike.

I like realistic illustrations with plenty of detail, and like to have a bit of fun where i can, 

including extra little characters in amongst the pictures for the children to spot.

Or something humourous in the background. A mouse in the skirting board, a cute snail climbing up the wall, or a divebombing seagull in the background.

I am friendly and easy to work with. I like to keep my clients updated with every step of the process.